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Most investment banking accounts are of the age where they are only accessible on desktop and talking to an advisor can be expensive and well, cumbersome to users. Wells Fargo's site did exactly just that, lead them straight to a phone number. We conducted user testing, and found that the current UI was confusing and hard to decipher. So, we applied a "digital investing" model which uses an algorithm to produce real-time investment advice. Thus overhauling the traditional personal investment banking process. Now a user can simply log in anywhere, type in how much you would like to invest, see real-time choices, and then chat with an advisor online to give you low-cost advise and recommend a customized portfolio that fits; it’s that easy.


The current landing page had too much information on it and the log in was buried under too much content.


I applied a lighter, more airy look and feel. The possible opportunities on the horizon is set, as the user is presented with three simple choices. Users historically went straight to their account summaries and made a traditional phone call. Instead we empowered the user to uncover other information like the research center for markets and to observe real-time pricing.

The problem is that traditional charts and graphs are static, with no predictive insights and hard to interpret.

A crisper, clean look was applied. Using motion to unfold and reveal your summary. The new friendlier voice and tone in the copy compels the user to want to engage in a conversation.

To focus on the conversation. The chat window slides in and takes up 50% of the screen. Your account summary slides over and stays handy. 

Two sources of information are provided to generate the results–an automated algorithm of data-driven insights, plus the advise from a real person you can easily connect with. This result alleviates any distrust or hesitation when it comes to making the right investment choices.

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